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July 2020 Update - New Phase of Internet Build

1:38PM July 14, 2020

As the weather heats up, Heartland is continuing to push forward to build out the new high-speed internet system as fast as possible. 

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Heartland REMC - Building Out the Core Fiber Network

12:49PM June 05, 2020

We know our members are seeing a pickup in activity. You may see large fiber reels and wonder what is happening. New damper boxes and shelters are going in throughout the area. It's a very exciting time! But, we also know there are some questions about when we will get to hook up service at your home or business. We would like to shed a little light.

There are many phases to get fiber to your location. From the initial planning to network design, many pieces must fall into place leading up to the first part of the construction phase. This initial phase focuses on our construction crew laying out the core network, which is considered the Tier 2 level. This is the backbone of our system, which will provide the connective layers in each of your substation zones. 

From hanging fiber on poles to burying it underground, the core network, also called the fiber ring, has many components. To assure reliability, we want this core to be resilient and have redundancy.

Once the core network is well-established, then we will begin installing to homes, focusing on individual zones. Although we have ramped up our construction efforts, this still takes time and effort to complete. 

We appreciate your enthusiasm and patience as we continue to move forward. Know that great progress is being accomplished daily, and we are making every endeavor to get to your home as soon as we can.

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Heartland REMC Installs the Third Fiber Shelter

1:39PM April 23, 2020

We're continuing to make progress and have installed our third fiber shelter! The secured building will house the equipment needed to support the fiber network in the Lafayette CO Zone.

Thanks to you, the Heartland REMC and TWN crews are hard at work to bring broadband to your community. To see how your zone is progressing with sign-ups, please visit and click on “Zones” at the top. Please note: your zone does not need to reach 100% for us to start deploying. But, the zones with greater percentages will help drive the project build. 

As we continue to build out the high-speed internet system, all of our crews are practicing safe social distancing and working in small groups to follow CDC recommendations. This will be evaluated regularly to ensure the safety of our crews.

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First Fiber Hanging in Heartland

9:22AM February 27, 2020

It was an exciting moment as utility crew members began hanging the fiber optic cable in Heartland's area. This is a big step in bringing fiber-based internet service to Heartland. We are very proud of everyone involved in this project and the hard work they have put forth.

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Fiber is going up in the Lafayette Zone!

9:42AM January 10, 2020

The momentum is picking up and we're continuing to make progress in the Lafayette CO Zone! Thanks to you, the Heartland REMC and TWN crews are hard at work installing fiber to bring broadband to your community.  

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7:57AM August 02, 2019

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